FORESKIN'S LAMENT Play by Greg Mcgee

"As a play about rugby it's utterly authentic...a comic vein which runs from gross (but menacing) humour to finely ironic wit"

The play catches Foreskin at a point of crisis. With one foot in the rarified world of the university and the other in the playing fields of his hometown rugby club, Foreskin (a rugby nickname) begins to find the two worlds unmarriable. He admires the people in the team for their raw vitality but when these qualities begin to be undermined by personal and team ambition at the sacrifice of the individual and the spirit of the game, Foreskin finds himself unable to move with these changing values. ( 7M 2 W)

LADIES NIGHT - by Anthony McCarten and Stephen Sinclair.

The rags to riches tale of how five Kiwi destitutes rise to the heights of male stripperdom and their own understanding of what the opposite gender want. Yes this was the play which inspired the Full Monty ( 7 M 1 W ).