Disco Inferno.

Disco Inferno has become the first musical exclusively managed by David Spicer Productions to have 100 bookings in a calendar year. Since it was released through Josef Weinberger Ltd in London community theatre and High School productions are flowing in from all over the UK.

As well as dozens of productions in Australia and New Zealand amongst the theatres performing the musical this year are an American High School in China and the Youth Arts Foundation of Hong Kong.

The writer Justin Sepple has now set up a new web-site www.discoinfernothemusical.com

In December I had the pleasure of meeting Justin in person for the first time at his wedding in England. At first I was a little confused because the photo Justin sent me was ten years old and the person who most resembled the picture was his groomsman. The confusion was soon swept away as Justin and his bride Harri swept the dance floor with some beautiful duets under Disco lights.

Perusal of Disco Inferno and Back to the 80's is free. Email for copies.