The biggest budget DSP production so far will take place in Perth with a pro-am production of Cruisin the Musical.

The Australian rock 'n' roll legend, Glenn Shorrock and the third runner up in 2006 Australian Idol, Chris Murphy, have been signed to play two of the leads at the Regal Theatre opening on 26 October.

Shorrock will play the part of the father in this exciting and energetic musical with book, music and lyrics written by West Australians, Rod Christian and Peter Waterman. Murphy will play the part of Johnny Angel who runs a kids rock n roll club.

CRUISIN', which has been developed over 15 years, is set in the '50s and encompasses the tribulations of the strict traditional immigrant Italian Russo family in Australia coming to terms with the culture shock of living in a new country, as well as with a son who is faced with the dull prospects of being caught up in the family small goods business rather than following his dream of playing guitar and singing in a local rock 'n' roll band.

The tension is also heightened when the parents discover their good Italian girl is a band groupie.

Seven High Schools are staging Cruisin this year. Here is what Alison Morgan from Queen's High in New Zealand said.

"I just wanted to let you know that we have just completed our season of CRUISIN and it has been a huge hit with the students, staff, and community.

It was a great show and the kids got right into it. The songs and dance was just amazing and the students did so well at keeping in their characters.- esp those with an Italian accent!

We had a cast of 50 with a separate group of 18 lead dancers made up of boys & girls who did a fabulous job.

People who came to see it were moved by the story line and were touched by Rosa & Vincenzo and their struggle to adapt to the new life their children were immersed in.

From a directors point of view the songs were easy to teach, loved by the kids straight away and I found it to be a well thought out show that was able to be staged on a very simple set. Our energies went into colourful costume and simple props which meant it was visually spectacular. The students were a bit apprehensive about some of the funny bits but were blown away when they got a laugh from the audience!! "