The Boy From Oz....

My wife and I are thrilled to announce the release of the rights of the most successful Australian musical of all time and the only one to become a Broadway hit ...... The Boy From Oz.

We are honoured that the Producers Robert Fox and Ben Gannon chose my little agency - which began in a small home office and a garage 10 years ago - to represent this iconic work. Now community theatres and new audiences across Australia and New Zealand will soon be able to enjoy this musical tribute to the late great Peter Allen.

I first met one of the show's producers - Ben Gannon - in 1998. I mentioned to him that community theatres might like to do it. And hey presto just 10 years later it is all about to happen.

Sadly Ben Gannon lost his battle with cancer in January. I know he was very excited at the prospect of community theatres in every corner of the nation performing this musical. Performances of The Boy From Oz will be a lasting tribute to his special talent, as well as Peter Allen.

One of the first amateur performances of The Boy From Oz will be something very special.

It will take place in Peter Allen's home town of Tenterfield.

A local amateur theatre will tour The Boy From Oz next year to this remote small country town in the north of New South Wales.

So the journey of The Boy From Oz which started in Sydney - and made it to Broadway and then returned to Australia for last year's amazing arena tour starring Hugh Jackman will return to the place where the Tenterfield Saddler once worked.


Applications from theatres will be received through out September. Email or send a letter containing your theatre's name, contact details, proposed venue, seat capacity, recent productions, and reasons why you believe your company is best equipped to stage The Boy From Oz in your community.

The edition being released to community theatre is the original 1998 production with book by the late Nick Enright. (I am also very excited to represent one of Nick's great works.)

Yes you need a very specially talented man to stage this show - but also remember the next three biggest leads are female roles. Peter Allen's mother- Marion Woolnough, Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli. This is also a fabulously large chorus show. There are lots of opportunities for your costume department and choreographers to have a ball.

The first ever New Zealand production is scheduled to take place in Auckland in September 08 by the Auckland Music Theatre Company.

I am expecting a stampede from Australian community theatres....all eager to wave their maracas.

The selection criteria for Australian theatres is the ability to stage The Boy From Oz in the biggest venue in your community at the highest standard.

Where there are a number of neighbouring theatres all able to do the show justice then a secondary criteria will be considered.

That is to follow The Boy From Oz with another Australian musical.

In Melbourne the CLOC Musical Theatre will stage the Victorian Community Theatre premiere in May 2008. I am excited that they are following The Boy From Oz with another Australian musical licenced by my company Hot Shoe Shuffle.

If CLOC one of Australia's best community theatres can follow The Boy From Oz with another Australian musical - so can any theatre.

For ideas order my catalogue and free CD and visit the DSP Australian musical page at

As a special offer a 10% discount on royalties and a 20% discount on book hire will apply to the following shows for any theatre staging any one of them in the 12 months after a season of The Boy From Oz.

The discounts apply to Reg Livermore's Ned Kelly, Lola Montez, Beach Blanket Tempest, Boy's Own McBeth, Cruisin, Paris, Eureka, Ginger Meggs, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, Humdingers, The Merrry Widow From Bluegum Creek, Ned Kelly's Sister's Travelling Circus or one of the excellent comedies or children's theatre pieces by Peter Pinne and Don Battye.

A 20% discount for royalties will apply for performances of Manning Clark's History of Australia the Musical.

I encourage theatres to use The Boy From Oz to make a further contribution to Australian musical theatre.