Some Of My Best Friends Are Women

This breezy comedy takes a humorous look at how friendship can defy the odds. Five women are all that remain of what was once a successful book group.  All have been in the group since it started and know each other very well, or so they think.  Lynn is hosting the evening and has her own reasons for keeping the disparate group together, but even she is beginning to think it’s a lost cause. Bossy Dorothy is convinced that if only the group would only stick to the rules and actually read the books then all would be well.

Her well-intentioned interference makes things worse rather than better. Amanda has a special occasion to celebrate so sneaks in some illicit champagne. This loosens tongues, and things are said that would be best unsaid. Amanda likes nothing better than to wind Dorothy up. Consequently, Dorothy storms off and, not knowing the area, gets lost.

Amanda calls on the help of her handsome book-reading friend Steve. Steve finds a rather tipsy Dorothy and brings her back to the house.  He sets hearts racing in Jill and Helen, the two youngest members of the group. This intensifies the existing bad feeling between them and they vie for his attention. To say Helen is the more worldly wise of the two would be an understatement, but it is naïve Jill he falls for.  

The arrival of Dorothy’s friend Chris to give her a lift home only adds to the confusion as he is mistaken for Lynn’s errant husband.  Eventually things are sorted out and the group comes to terms with what they have learnt about each other and themselves. A truce of sorts is established. How long it will last is anyone’s guess.  



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(2m, 5f)

  • Lynn : sympathetic. 40/50
  • Amanda : sssertive, friend of Lynn 40/50
  • Jill : intense. 20/30
  • Helen : sttractive. 20/30,
  • Dorothy : organising, domineering. (70’s)
  • Steve : Jill’s age or thereabouts
  • Christopher : pedantic. 40/50


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