Hyperspace - The Star Wars Musical Parody

Hyperspace puts the Farce into the Force as you are taken on an all-singing, all- dancing, ( totally unauthorised ) parody-tribute of one of most successful film franchises of all time.

Join Duke Kneejerker, his loyal robot RU DED2, and his sister Princess Highway, as they search for the last missing episode of Hyperspace, the intergalactic soap opera that thrilled trillions throughout the galaxy.

Who could have stolen the last episode? Was it Duke’s father, the evil dark lord Duck Waiter? Was it nefarious gangster Slappa the Gut? What do Yokel and Kombivan Wiltomi know of the theft? The galaxy will be at war if the last episode isn’t found!

Hyperspace has  catchy tunes, and is written to be enjoyed by people who know little or nothing about Star Wars.

The original versions played twice a night: an early family-friendly session and a late night session for more mature tastes.

Hyperspace can be performed as a one Act Musical or as a Double Sci-Fi feature with Warp Drive.



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Plot / Synopsis

Synopsis of Scenes:

1.    The Red Carpet Walkway of a Theatre on Planet Thespia
2.    Aboard the Death Tart (Duck Waiter’s space ship)
3.    A Swamp on Planet Amachur
4.    The Wretched Hive Bar on Planet Woftam
5.    Outer Space (an Asteroid Field)
6.    Aboard the Death Tart
7.    Somewhere on the Planet Diva
8.    A Hovel by Lake Nida
9.    Slappa the Gut’s Lair



Hyperspace – Cast List:


QUEEN I’MADIVA            Queen of Planet Thespia


DUCK WAITER                  her ex-husband and Dark Lord of the Pith. He has a red pool noodle.


PRINCESS HIGHWAY      her daughter. A princess in more ways than one.


DUKE KNEEJERKER        her son. A bit of a dweeb but well-intentioned. He has a blue pool noodle.


R-U DED-2                            his robot-servant. Female.


HUNG SO LOW                   smuggler and friend of the Princess. Very cool dude


TOBACCO THE ROOKIE his very hairy offsider


YOKEL                                  wise old swamp creature and Chillli Knight


KOMBIVAN WILTOMI     retired Chilli Knight


KA-KA STYNX                    alien servant and clumsy dogsbody (non-singing)


SLAPPA THE GUT             intergalactic gangster (non singing)


PUPPY FATT                       feared bounty hunter (mime)


EGO SLUGRACE                producer and creator of Hyperspace (non singing)


TAB LLOYD DROID          alien celebrity reporter (non singing)


STAR RAPPERS                 intergalactic peace-keeping force



URSA MINOR                     intergalactic go-go dancers (non singing)



and an ARRAY of  ALIENS & SPACE CRITTERS with the occasional line.








Sample Music

Trouble in the Galaxy.

I Brake For No One.

May the Sauce Be With You.

Instrumentation / Rentals

Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano/Keyboard.

Production Costs

12.5 % of Box Office Gross. Or 16% as Sci-Fi Double Feature with Warp Drive. $350 for Licence to photocopy script and vocal line. Plus set of band parts.