The Great Australian Rock Musical

Hilarious jukebox musical featuring songs by AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Skyhooks, Dragon, Choir Boys, Daddy Cool, J.O.K. Sherbet, Ted Mulray Gang, Jet, Billy Thorpe, Rick Springfield, Divinyls, The Screaming Jets and more!

Troy and Darren Wilson, the most popular of all the shearers in town, get hitched at a bachelor and spinster ball during a game  of spin the bottle.

Kazza and Shazza become their brides. While drowning their sorrows at getting hitched Troy and Darren are informed that one of them is heir to a
multi-billion dollar sheep station called Tinbinbilla, but it is not known which one.

However all is cast into despair when it is revealed that one of the brothers was married in infancy to someone else and is now a bigamist.

Enter the Peed Family to claim their daughter's spouse and fortune. In a Gilbert and Sullivan style conundrum, the characters have plenty of explaining to do with lots of Aussie  style humour along the way.

"Our show did go well.  Everyone enjoyed it immensely and the cast had a fantastic time. Everyone loved the Aussie rock songs, and I found the show particularly straightforward for staging at our chosen venue.  I also liked the fact that the script allowed for different individuals to shine rather than being reliant solely on one or two characters. " Deirdre Pike Oberon High School.



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Plot / Synopsis






- Australian story


Scene 1

- B & S Ball


Eagle Rock

All My Friends are getting Married

Scene 2

- Driving in a Holden car


April Sun in Cuba

Scene 3A

- At the Hairdressers

Scene 3

- At the sheep station


All the Boys in Town


Working Class Man

Scene 4

- Still in the Car


Bow River

Scene 5

- Dream Sequence/Shopping Trolley Ballet


Run to Paradise

Scene 6

- At the Pub

Scene 7

- At Paul’s house


Jessie’s Girl



Scene 8

- In the Solicitors Office


Beds Are Burning







Scene 1

- At the sheep station


This is Australia

Scene 2

- At Titbinbilla


It’s A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock’n Roll

Scene 3

- Paul Hitchhiking


Jump in My Car

Scene 4

- At Titbinbilla


Most People I Know

Scene 5

- The Governess Arrives


Help is on its way


Scene 6

- Epilogue


Are you gonna be my girl?



Paul Newton

Ex-trolley boy at Woolies. Owner of multi-billion dollar property TITBINBILLA


Troy Wilson

Nine months older than brother Darren. Hardworking. A bloke’s bloke.


Darren Wilson

Close to brother Troy. Hardworking. Typical bush bloke.

NB: brothers should be cast looking completely Short & tall.


Karen Hogan

Local country girl. Quite simple. Biggest ambition in life to snare a man and marry him. Should be played like “Kath & Kim”.


Sharon Walker

Best friends with Karen. Shares the same aspirations and dreams as her friend. Should be played like “Kath & Kim”.


Mick Peed

Barbara Peed

Married for 25 years. Mick is a country lad who met Barb the city girl. He left his family in the bush to make it big in the water bed industry. They are both into making money, quickly.


Kylie Peed

In love with Paul Newton. One time woolies worker, she now works for “Supre”.


Bob Howard

Local country solicitor. Should be styled like John Howard but played as the melodramatic villain.



The solicitors secretary


Servant 1 & 2

Butlers at the TITBINBILLA mansion.


The Governess


Missing in Action, she holds the answer to mystery.

Jessie’s Girl

A frumpy girlfriend. Possibly a male cast member in drag.


Woman 1 & 2


Schoolies Girls




Customers in the Hairdressing Salon


Two or more Bikini clad girls driving to the Gold Coast for Schoolies week.


Paul’s mother who dislikes the amount of time he spends with his girlfriend Kylie.

Instrumentation / Rentals

Trumpet Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Violin, Drums, Bass guitar,Guitar, Keyboard.

Production Costs

16% of Box Office. $550 for Music Rental. $88 for CD Backing Track.