Cinderella Meets the Mother-in-law

Prince Charming and Cinderella arrive back at the palace after their fairy-tale wedding. Cinderella is shocked to learn that the search for the missing glass slipper was instigated by  Prince Charming’s mother, Queen Imelda, who has a shoe fetish.

The  magic slippers are confiscated by the Queen.

When Cinderella demands the return of the shoes, she discovers that her husband, Prince Charming, is controlled by and in awe of his mother.  So, until her husband learns to support her, stand up to his mother and get the magic shoes back, Cinderella elects to live in the servants quarters.

 (Looks like the marriage will remain unconsummated.)

The King is only interested in his bowling club and his vast collection of red wines.

Some of the Queen’s expensive shoe collection goes missing and Cinderella is accused of stealing them. The two ugly step-sisters arrive unexpectedly, both of them have (unwillingly it seems.) undergone personality transplants. They now to want to become Cinderella’s best friends, help her clear her name, remove the Queen’s hold over the Prince and save her marriage.

(Even they can’t understand why.)



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