Maggie May Gordon



MAGGIE MAY GORDON is an Australian poet, well known for her poetry and other writing in the western region of New South Wales, where she lives and works on a sheep and wool property, in the heart of her 'real Australia'.

Her admiration for the work of Australian poet Dorothea McKellar (who wrote My Country in 1904) provides great inspiration for Maggie's poetry, which can be seen in the lyrics of A Vision Splendid.

Maggie has won many awards for writing, poetry and lyrics including The Land newspaper's literary award, Tamworth Music Festival poetry award, Henry Lawson Festival and Parkes Music Festival awards. Her poetry has been published, and it is used extensively in Eisteddfod, school and radio presentations.

Maggie's songs have been released on cassette and compact disc, and are performed on television and in concert. Her most recent compact disc release is the Anzac Day tribute Lest We Forget.

Eureka was Maggie's major work for the seven years 1997-2004, in collaboration with Michael Harvey, and she had been working on the story for over 10 years. She presently is working on another Australian musical.